Wool offered at auction is published by each wool selling broke via a catalogue in both hardcopy and soft copy formats.

The hardcopy catalogue format can be found below.

View Australian Public Catalogue: Standard layout (April 2019)

Some Buyers print their own showfloor catalogues (or use handheld devices) in their own format using catalogue data transmitted in electronic data form to the EDI Networks. This data is defined in the WIEDPUG standards.

The catalogue includes a series of codes and symbols. These are updated periodically. Some of the more common sets can be found below.

View Catalogue Symbols (April 2019)

View Quality Schemes (May 2024)

View Centre Codes (January 2022)

View Wool Statistical Areas (January 2007)

View Wool Statistical Area by Locality name (June 2010)

Pack Material and Condition Codes (April 2019)

For more information please contact AWEX Wool Services on 02 9428 6100.