Recent Updates

Mulesing Status
AWEX issues 4 generic statistical reports, updated monthly, summarising the number of bales offered at auction by Mulesing Status more >>

Classing Houses
Classing Houses registered with AWEX are encouraged to report to AWEX details of bales received by them that are poorly prepared by on farm woolclassers. Bulk Class bales for example should conform to bale weight limits, have sections separated by paper etc. more >>

Annual Wool Selling Programs
The 2019-20 Selling Program which has been updated in March 2019 and the 2020-21 tentative Selling Program have been released more >>

Mulesing Status (Auction Statistics)
Mulesing Status Auction Statistics have been updated more >>


An update has been made to the standard printed catalogue standard (Australia) reflecting the changes associated with publishing a Last Weighed Date (for untested wool). more >>

Version 35.1 of the WIEDPUG handbook has been released more >>

National Wool Declaration
To enable woolgrowers wishing to promote to downstream users the evolving changes in their animal welfare practices, there is a need for a standardised declaration method. This is the function of the National Wool Declaration (NWD). more >>

National Auction Selling Committee (NASC)
The Summary of Outcomes from the 27th of November 2020 NASC meeting are now available more >>


           Current Offering Estimates

Sale Week North South West Nat
T-W-Th 42* 11,903 28,803 12,181 52,887
43 10,854 23,783 10,217 44,854
44 10,662 22,698 7,500 40,860
45 8,750 17,930 7,550 34,230
*Denotes current sale week
Offering Estimates measured in bales
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                                                   AWEX Eastern Market Indicator.