What is WoolClip?   

WoolClip™ is an online internet and mobile app that allows the user to create wool Specifications, Consignments and National Wool Declarations (NWDs). It uses a simple, intuitive workflow designed to reduce workload and errors.  

 Each Job in WoolClip has the following modules:     

  • Team
  • Mob Book
  • NWD
  • Wool Book
  • Consignment
  • Specification    

For those wanting to collect Mob and Bale details in the wool shed during the day, mobile app can be used even where there is no signal or data connectivity.     

Once finalised, WoolClip will send the Specification by email to the nominated marketing organisation as well as Owner/Manager(s) and Marketing Representative(s) in the Team.      

The Specification data is also released for the destination warehouses to download at their discretion and import into their systems.    

The WoolClip website is found here: www.woolclip.com.au   

A brief overview of the workflow and screenshots can be found here: WoolClip Explained    

Benefits of WoolClip?    

Using WoolClip benefits the wool grower, wool classer, wool broker and warehouse by:    

  • Allowing data capture of on farm data either online or off line,
  • Reduced error rate  (e.g. no duplicate bale numbers),
  • Easy to build Specifications (no manual cross checking),
  • Ability to set up multiple users working as a Team,
  • Ability to complete the NWD electronically,
  • Immediate transfer of Specification information/data to the broker/warehouse,
  • E-bale ready (RFID), and
  • Secure.   

 Who can use it?     

The primary users of WoolClip are Wool Classers and/or Wool Growers (owner/managers).  

WooClip allows these primary users to work on their own, together, or in collaboration with supporting users such as Marketing Reps, Wool Pressers, Shearing Contractors and Carriers.     

Supporting users must be added to a Team by the Wool Grower (owner/manager) or Wool Classer before they can access or update (role appropriate) information.     

Each user can only view/access/add/maintain modules and data appropriate for their role.    

How do I become a user of WoolClip?    

Wool Classers are pre-registered and can Login with their username/password pre-assigned by AWEX.     

Other users must Create An Account using the procedures found on the home page.      

All users, on first access, must verify their contact details by entering the generated security codes for email and smartphone. The verification step is required only once, or subsequently if you change your email or mobile number.   

The WoolClip App can be found by searching for WoolClip in your device App store.     

The same username/password is used to access the website and smartphone app.     

Training/Practice site     

Like to have a test run without going into the main site? User Registration is not required.    

Go to the following website: https://training.woolclip.com.au   

Nominate a Role: Wool Grower, Wool Classer, Wool Presser     

This will allow the user to access a quarantined environment where a small amount of demonstration/training data is automatically generated.  

The user can practice using the WoolClip training site by adding, editing or deleting records in each of the modules.   

Nearly all functionality is offered, however no data leaves the site and reports are clearly marked as Training.    

To practice using the App please download the AWEX WoolClip training App from your App store.     

Please note – when exiting the training site, all data is cleared, Accessing the site again will regenerate all the training details.     

Training sessions   

AWEX is happy to provide a training session on WoolClip. These sessions are conducted over the phone and are of approximately 60 to 90 minutes duration. Sessions are held on weekdays and weekends.    

After hours sessions are also offered.   

Sessions are limited to 4 people.    

Contact WoolClip Support to book a session.    

Support or want to learn more?   

WoolClip Support    

T: 02 9428 6170    

T: 08 6263 4617 (WA)   

E: woolclip@awex.com.au   

Or complete the Form below