Individuals wishing to be registered with AWEX either as a Wool classer or an Appraiser are required to undertake education in specific areas depending upon the type of registration sought.

Wool classer Education

Prior to being registered by AWEX as a Wool classer, individuals need to undertake a Wool Classing training course. These courses are run by TAFE colleges Australia wide.

To find out about more Wool Classing courses, contact your nearest TAFE or Training organisation listed on the link below.

More information on Wool Classing courses

Appraiser Registration

AWEX conducts Appraiser training courses Australia wide through its regional offices. Individuals wishing to apply for Appraiser Registration must first successfully complete an Appraiser Training course.

More information on Appraiser Registration

For more information on Woolclasser or Appraiser Training contact AWEX on (02) 9428 6140 or email