AWEX Market Indicators and Micron Price Guides (MPG's)

AWEX maintains a series of benchmark Australian Wool Market Indicators. These are based on fixed baskets of wool types, calculated each sale day and released via a series of subscription reports. The Indicators are economic expressions relating to the current and previous levels of the wool market.   Some AWEX Indicators are used as basis for derivative wool market trading. 

The primary Wool Market Indicator is the AWEX Eastern Market Indicator (AWEX-EMI), with support by three Regional Market Indicators (RMI-North, South and West). A series of sub Indicators known as Micron Price Guides (MPG's) are also published for each regional sale day.  All Indicators are expressed in Australian cents per clean kilogram using the following yields:

  • Merino/Crossbred Fleece Micron Price Guides (16.5 to 32.0): Schlumberger Dry Yield (1% TFM); 
  • Merino Carding Indicator (MC): Australian Carbonised Yield and Scoured 17% regain Yield; 
  • AWEX-EMI: 89% of the basket uses Schlumberger Dry Yield (1% TFM), the remaining uses a mix of Australian Carbonised Yield and Scoured 17% regain Yield. 

For the specific makeup of the AWEX Micron Price Guides click here