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Recent Updates

Current Statistics
AWEX regularly updates a table of Market Indicator Values and a graph of the EMI versus the US dollar more >>

Wool Pack Manufacturers
Paran International has been approved (Interim approval) as a Wool Pack Manufacturer. more >>

Wool Classer Validation
This search can be used to test if a Wool Classer is currently registered to be able to class wool in Australia. more >>

Members' Update
AWEX appoints new Chairperson. more >>


National Auction Selling Committee (NASC)
Peter Brice has been elected as the Northern Region Buyer Representative. more >>

Award Rates
For woolclassers seeking advice on Awards we have updated the link to the Fair Work Commission web site. AWEX is a technical standards organisation and does not provide advice on wages or conditions. more >>

Annual Report
The 2016 AWEX Annual Report is now available more >>

Annual Wool Selling Programs
The 2017-18 Selling Program has been released. more >>


           Current Offering Estimates

Sale Week North South West Nat
W-TH 29* 15,854 27,708 8,911 52,473
30 34,833 0 8,550 43,383
31 11,050 21,095 9,350 41,495
32 11,130 22,700 8,950 42,780
*Denotes current sale week
Offering Estimates measured in bales
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                                                   AWEX Eastern Market Indicator.