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Recent Updates

The summary of outcomes from the recent 12th of June 2018 WIEDPUG meeting are now available more >>

Members' Update
AWEX Code of Practice Review Outcomes has been issued. more >>

Rules of Registration
The purpose of the Wool Classer Registration Scheme is to provide integrity for the sale of Australian greasy wool. more >>

more >>


Test Certificates and the Wool classer
more >>

The WoolClip page has been updated with notes on the last release. more >>

more >>

Wool Classer Validation
This search can be used to test if a Wool Classer is currently registered to be able to class wool in Australia. more >>


           Current Offering Estimates

Sale Week North South West Nat
W-TH 16* 8,741 20,771 8,152 37,664
17 9,490 21,505 7,510 38,505
18 9,081 21,875 7,400 38,356
19 9,515 17,976 7,400 34,891
*Denotes current sale week
Offering Estimates measured in bales
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                                                   AWEX Eastern Market Indicator.