AWEX e-Bale Project

In 2013, AWEX re-commenced its investigations into the potential application of Radio Frequency identification (RFID) technology to wool bales. 

(a)    Potential Industry Benefits

  • Improved bale traceability and quality control allowing traceback

  • Improved information flow from farm to processor (accurate identification, location and streamlining the delivery of bales)

  • Enhanced performance of electronic Woolclasser’s Specification

  • Rapid identification of wool bales if Exotic Animal Disease outbreak

  • Improved downstream efficiency and quality management (maintain the position of wool in a competitive textile market)

(b)    Implications for the Woolgrower

  • “Industry good” projects require wool grower support, who bear some or all of the cost:

    • Most benefits accrue post the farm gate

    • Growers already paying for inefficiencies in the wool pipeline

    • Improvements in handling and distribution would be of indirect benefit and may lead to cost saving incentives

  • Actual benefits may be achieved through the linkage between electronic Classer’s Specifications and RFID tagged bales:

    • Ensure that all bales are identified and described correctly

    • Wool clip data could arrive before delivery of bales

Download a copy of the paper e-Bale: The Potential Radio Frequency Identification of Wool Bales presented to the International Wool Textile Organisation in April 2016.

For further information contact:

Mark Grave, AWEX CEO, ph. 02 9428 6100 or e.

Kerry Hansford, AWEX Quality & Technical Manager, ph. 03 9318 0277 or e.