Masterclasser is one of a series of professional development initiatives offered by AWEX to professional Australian woolclassers.

Masterclasser is a training opportunity for professional woolclassers that aspire to deliver high quality services. This course concentrates on developing the woolclasser’s people management skills and technical confidence. In the case of the latter this is achieved by deepening their technical understanding of wool preparation and hearing first hand the requirements and perspective of entities that rely on the woolclasser's performance (e.g. owner/contractor/warehouse/buyer/processor).

A sample course program can be found here


  • Each course is limited to a maximum of 20 Woolclassers selected from the pool of industry nominees and/or woolclassers identified by AWEX through its own performance monitoring.
  • Nominated Woolclassers should have the following attributes:
  • Must be actively woolclassing for the last three years,
  • Must class a minimum of 7 clips or 400 bales per annum,
  • Must have ability and desire to further their wool knowledge, and
  • Must demonstrate good character, judgment and capacity for leadership.

A nomination form can be found here

Ongoing Requirements

Woolclassers seeking Masterclasser status must pass an open book examination and commit to ongoing training and performance criteria.

Further Information

For further information please contact AWEX:

p: 02 9428 6140